Media and Technology

Crews Technology Team

Karen Adams, Media Specialist
Allison Hollingshead, Technology Coordinator
Michael Smith, Technology Support Technician
Valerie Smith, Media Clerk


Crews Middle School is a BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, school.  Students are permitted to bring their own devices (tablets, cell phones, laptops, etc) to use for academic purposes.  Teachers will determine when BYOD devices may be used.  Examples of use may be for research, completing photo/video projects, accessing the student portal, using web 2.0 tools, and participating in online collaboration and discussion.
Students must log in to the BYOD Student network; 3G/4G data may not be used.  Acceptable Use Policy procedures apply to student devices.  Crews and GCPS are not responsible for lost or damaged personal devices.

Tech Supplies

All students need a flash drive and headphones/ear buds on a daily basis. Flash drives are used regularly to transport work between home and school.  Due to cost and sanitary concerns, Crews no longer provides headphones.  Students are responsible for keeping their own set in their bags for use in academic and connections classes and the media center.