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Dr.  Alton C. Crews 
       "If you truly love what you are doing, you will never work a day in your life," Dr. Alton C. Crews was fond of reminding his colleagues.  An educator for half a century, Dr. Crews never worked a day in his life because he genuinely loved learning, learners, and the institution of public education to which he devoted his career. 
       Born in Marion, Alabama,  Dr. Crews attended public schools in the state.  Upon graduation, he embarked on a distinguished educational career that began as a science  teacher and coach in Florida, and included superintendence's in Huntsville, Alabama; Cobb County, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; and Gwinnett County. 
       As superintendent from October 1977 through December 1989, Dr. Crews led Gwinnett County Public Schools to a position of educational prominence at a time of unprecedented growth.  Enrollment more than doubled to over 65,000 students during his term, and the system opened 22 new schools funded by five successful bond referenda.  He brought Gwinnett Technical Institute into being and instituted local school advisory committees (LSAC's) throughout the system.  "Schools belong to the people," he said, "and must be accountable to them for achieving clearly defined results."  He believed in hiring quality teachers and school leaders, then ensuring their continued professional growth. 
       A man of highest standards and stately presence, Dr. Crews was an influential figure in education at the state level as well.  He served on Governor Joe Frank Harris' Education Review Commission, which helped shape Georgia's educational future, as outlined in the 1985 Quality Basic Education Act.  When he retired, Dr. Crews became director of the Southern Regional Education Board's Leadership Academy, where he continued to influence educational leaders in the Southeast and the nation until his death on October 6, 1996. 
       Among the multitudes of his colleagues and friends, Dr. Crews is remembered lovingly as a visionary leader, a wise and caring mentor, a man of unquestioned integrity and tremendous wit, a giant in the field of education, and a crusader for every child's right to a quality education and a fulfilling life.  May his widow, Jeanette, and his children and grandchildren regard Alton C. Crews Middle School as a lasting tribute to a great man, a beloved educator, a leader who left an indelible mark of progress and excellence on the school system he headed for twelve years.  The students, staff, and community of the school are proud to carry on the legacy of Dr. Alton C. Crews, one of public education's foremost champions. 
Dr. Alton C. Crews

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Our mission is to prepare every student for success.

Alton C. Crews Middle School will achieve excellence through a safe, innovative learning experience.

*Learning is the priority of our school community.
*Learners are encouraged to rise to their highest level of achievement.
*The school community offers teaching and learning opportunities that challenge and stimulate thinking.
*Learning occurs in different ways, in different contexts, and at different times.
*Innovative resources are essential to learning.
*A safe, supportive, and disciplined environment is critical to learning.
*Self-discipline, responsibility, and respect of self and others are essential to personal development.
*Education is the shared responsibility involving the community: school, family, and child.